How to propose to your girlfriend way of Romantic and Creative: Are you planning to move into the next step with your love? But not sure how to make it happen. Confused about how to make the best proposals. Here we have got all the ways to propose the girls

It is a saying that what matters is your feelings. But that’s not true. Yes,  feelings do matter but to propose to her you need to be slightly different from usual to make her day more special and memorable.

Approaching a girl might not be as simple as it seems but a little different  approach and true feelings all make it to happen. Before proposing to her, be sure about your feelings.

Let us first discuss the cutest ways to propose her for a relationship, Girls are full of emotions and love the way one pampers them. Be a gentleman with a girl.

She should feel safe with you. An old saying holds much probability to impress a girl, the saying says that “ A girl looks for someone who resembles the fatherly affection”. 

Be you!

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The first and the very important thing is to be what you are. Being genuine and real is the key feature to impress your date. Always remember girls can easily detect your gestures.

Simplicity and to be in your comfort zone is the first and foremost thing to impress your love interest. Never try to fake it if you are looking towards a long term relationship.

Prefer her Likes


Before approaching her, try to know her likes and dislikes. A single mistake can ruin all your hard work. Girls are simple but yet moody. If they do not like something then there is a little chance that they will compromise in the space. So always prefer her likes and priorities to be the man of her dreams.

Your genuine attempt to make her smile can make your day and dream come true. 

Spice it up with romance


A romantic candle light dinner is one of the favourite proposal types for girls. But make sure  to keep it subtle and private as they are a bit resistant to crowds. The candle light or dim light  is very effective to create a positive aura for telling your feelings.

If you know how to cook and give it an attempt that will be wow! Do remember girls notice every single effort of the other person. So if you add some of your hand made food in the menu of candle light dinner then it will add more value to efforts. Plan a romantic date and tell what you feel.

A special day to make it more special

If your girl is a type of a peppy girl and you want to make your proposal more memorable then opt for special days like her BIrthday, your Birthday, Valentines, Christmas, New Year, Graduation day, or any other extraordinary day that will make the day more special for her. And never to forget that the good mood and turn everything up and make everything cheerful

Proposal ideas for Movie or coffee

If you are a type of shy person  and are afraid to confront things then try to make it a bit casual. This will make the moment less awkward for both of you. Try to start a conversation on a sweet note and try not to be creepy and needy. Your feelings should look as if you are truly speaking about your heat and not just bluffing the things that you have seen on google. Feelings are yours so words should be yours.

Romantic and Cute Surprise her

Yes, we all have seen in movies about the surprise proposal. Old is Gold. This is another sure shot method to propose and get a positive reply for your expressions.

But for this all you need is to have a list of things that she likes. You need to plan things properly and execute it well.  You can surprise her by gifting her favourite and adding your feelings to the gift

Creative ways to propose without a ring –Letters

Seems too old? But this is the safest way to express your feeling if you are afraid of denial. Take a piece of paper, colored sketches, and pens, stickers.

Think about what you feel and pen down your feelings into the page of the paper. This way gives you enough time to express that all you feel without being hesitant and nervous at the time of expression.

This is an age-old method of proposal but yet it is very effectful. (How to propose to your girlfriend way of Romantic and Creative)

A unique way to propose a girl

There must be something that is unique in your girl. Try to search it out and work on it.  There must be her dream proposal, try to gauge it and access it.

Unique methods can be proposing her in front of her friends, or decorating a room, taking to the beach and expressing there in a unique way in sand, or some other destinations. Plan a day out to her favourite place and proper her there.

Flowers, Balloons, and Rings– girlfriend proposal

These things never go in a dump. Flowers are the most beautiful in nature. Proposing with flowers makes it a very special and soft moment. Adding balloons not only adds color to the life but spark to your proposal also.

Colors, fragrance and a ring to propose is something that seems quite normal but leaves a great impact on a girl’s heart.

will you be my girlfriend-Assure her

Every girl needs a protective relationship. A girl wants a relationship to be long lasting and great. She expects honesty and loyalty. The best way to assure her that you are never gonna leave her and this is what you need to do. Giving assurance to her of your life long support is where you are going to make it.

If you are really seeking a never ending relationship then speak to your and her parents either way. Plan a family date and propose to her in front of both the families. This could be the best way to propose to your girlfriend ever.

Chat and online expression


You can easily express your feelings through chatting or sharing audio.  In this way you do not need to go for face to face meetings and feel hesitant.

You can easily express all your feelings through online chat. Just type the way you feel and send it the way. This is the easiest way to propose to your girl. expressing love to girlfriend.

Girlfriend proposal ideas: Indirect Hints

This one of the most teasing yet romantic ways to express your love. The small ways to give away hints about your feelings are very unique. Giving hints in usual times will give enough time for both of you to understand your feelings. Also you will get enough time to understand what the person feels for you. Keep sharing hints and enjoying the time and expressions.

How to ask someone to marry you –Marriage proposals

In the dilemma of how to propose your girlfriend for marriage? This could be a very tough decision. And you might want to make your proposal have lifelong impact and make it very special. So, you can opt for the following methods:

Propose her with a ring and flowers

Propose her in front of her family and friends

Take her out on a romantic date and share your future with her where you dream of being together.

Propose her on her birthday so that she will always remember -How to propose to your girlfriend way of Romantic and Creative.

You can also propose to your girlfriend on your most successful day. This will make her feel really very important.

So, now you have a handful of best ideas to propose. So select the one that will help you based on the mood, likes and dislikes of the girl. Also not to forget what kind of bond you both share at present. 

With all the above ideas always be confident, clear with your thoughts, be sure about your feelings. Never try to make fake promises in order to impress the girl because if you are not able to fulfill them then it will compromise the peace of your relationship.(How to propose to your girlfriend way of Romantic and Creative)

So, keep loving and spreading love!

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