Diwali Gifts for your loved ones: one of the major festival of India and is truely linked with the sentiments of Indian
Though pande!ic will have its effect on Diwali and its celebration but the vibes of this festival can be seen in the markets.

Diwali comes with lots of shopping and gifting. This year gifting has been a majorntopic for which we need to think twice because ofbthe social conditions around us. People are investing more time in thinking gifts this time and exploring more options. They are looking for the options that should be safe and useful during this pandemic.

We have gathered some of the best gifting options. The collection might have some trendy, other unique items to gift.

Electronic Sanitizer

Sanitizer is the bed of the year. With the increase in outdoor movements this is one of the first options which safe and too useful for another person These days there are many variations and types in sanitizer. There are fumes, automatic sanitizer. All you need is to check your preference and gift it. Different types of sanitizers are easily available at shops in your nearby market with a varied price ranges. or you can order one from Amazon or any other e-commerce website.

UV Sterilizer


UV rays are studied and proved to kill many microbes and viruses that cause infections and health issues.
UV Sertlizer are another most commonly used device to disinfect things like your mobile, wallet and other handy usage. Just keep the product in the box and use it freely ones it is completely sterlized.
This product can be life saviour for your friends who go out on daily basis and then spend time santinizing all their utilities. now allnthey need is to keep this small device with themselves and keep their product inside  meanwhile doing other activities around. Isn’t this amazing. This can be very useful and unique Diwali gift for him or employees.

Indoor Plants

Keeping in mind the level of pollution and the quality of air we are breathing this has become a new trend of gifting the indoor plants. indoor plants come in variety of sizes you vannchoose the best according to your need and thought. They are available in pots good for desk, fridge, balcony and room also.
There are multiple sites which now does homedelivery of these bonsai and indoor plants. These are not just gift but also a sweet message that you care for their health and wellness. So go and get your bonsai plants todaybor oder them through amazon or ferns and petals and let your loved ones take care of the plant.This will also be a small initiative to go green.

Copper Utensils

Copper metal is believed to boost your immunity. This is also considered as a pious material in Hindu scripts. Drinking water stored in copper utensils and eating food cooked or stored in copper utensils is believed to extract minerals form the metal and these minerals help us to boost our immunity. During this pandemic situation everyone is looking forward for the things that can help us to boost our immunity and stay healthy.Copper is health friendly material andnot everyone has these metals in their usage.
This will also cut down the usage of plastic and other metals and non metals which are injurious for health and for environment.

Saregama Carvan

This is a very nice gift for music lovers. if you are sure that your loved ones are fond of music then nothimg can be better than this. They have got varied collection from Hindi to Punjabi to tamil songs.They have collection of 5000 songs of one specific language in single radio. This can be great as music spreads positivity and happiness. It also kills out the stress and anxiety.

Headset or Earphones

This new normal has increased the opportunity working remotely with lots of online meetings and calls.
Another very nice and sure shot item to gift is good Earphones or handsfree that will help them to perform better. A good quality of sound and mike of an earphone can make alot of difference to their performance in meeting. Clear audible sounds will help to understand better and mike will allow them to let their opinions reach out without much disturbances as working from home can sometimes be very noisy with lots of distraction.

Fragnance Dispenser

Gifting out fragnance Dispenser or air Dispenser is another very flowery option. Thee days there are elcetic and UV dispensers available that are much more cost savier and will make you feel nice in your room. Staying indoors is the new routine of people these days. So, why not to make your room or space nice and desh with your favourite fragnance in the room.

Kitchen equipments

This option is never out dated. You can gift a nice set of cups, glasses, storage containers or eletric equipments like kettle, toaster.People these days are avoiding to eat from outside and trying to make varied dishes at home, but becuase of unavailability of cuttlery or equipments they are not able to do much. This can be great message to support home cooked food.

Personalized/Ayurvedic Gifts

Peopl these days ar moving from using common range of products to using their personalized products according to their need and usage. There are many new startups and websites that provides customized and personalized solutions to the people. Many other renowned brands like forest essential, Mc caffeine, Body Shop.
There are variety of new brands emerging as brands in the customisation of beauty products from hair to skin and cosmetics. This option can be good be for gifting to employees and can be used as luxurious but also.

Aromatic candles

This gift can be very esthetic. Aromatic candles can bloom out the whole set-up. This is one of the most gifted option this year.Since people this year are preferring to celebrate Diwali at their home instead of attending any outdoor party. This can be very helpful in decorating their room and making the essence of air more memorable, which will help them to enjoy and relax them better.
Also these are resumable and can be used more than once. Diwali Gifts for your loved ones.



For girls what else can be more lovely than a nice piece of jwellery. There are many new site that will help you to choose out the best depending upon the taste, material and price. Oxidised jwellery are in new trend and is liked by almost everyone. Everstylish is one of the brand that provides you with multiple design and options and easy home delivery option. These oxidised or other jwelleries are also available at Aman and Myntra with gifting options.

Healthy Snacks

These days people are more inclined towards healthy lifestyle and living options. Earlier snacks used to mean all deeply fried options which used to health problems  and people who are health concious were found to think twice before having these snacks. But with the rising demands of healthy eating many renowned brands and startups have come up with ideas of having healthy snacking options as munching is most common problem of people. Healthy snacks help people to keep control on their health and weight at the same time soothing their taste buds.Thus gifting option stands as the best gift for coporates.

Portable speakers

This is another very trendy and useful gift item to gift out to your employee and friends. People do have speakers but a portable speaker is not so common. This can be really helpful to music lover who are on trip and they will thank you every time they will play while they are moving. This can be very ice andbpockrt friendly gift for employees.


Electronic gadgets like smart phones, tablets, Kindle and smart watches are other very good options to gift your loved ones. Even e-commerce sites come up with great discontsnon them during this festive season.So grab it before the sale ends


Metal silver is considered very auspicious for the celebration of Diwali. You can gift a silver coin, bowl, idol of Ganesha and Lakshmi or any other ornament. This keeps up the vibe and mood of Diwali. This can be very nice gifts for the females.Diwali Gifts for your loved ones


So, now you have a good collections of gifts for your friends. You can now easily select one and gift it to your employees.

Gifting is one of most easiest and fancy way to let other person know that you love them and you care for them.

In Diwali we gift your dpfriends, neighbors, employees, corporate colleagues and family member which helps to spread smile and happiness.

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