How to Deal With Depression in Teens

How to Deal With Depression in Teens: No matter how good life is, there are those moments when everything isn’t just fine. You can reach a point of giving up due to the circumstances surrounding your life. Despite the situation, there is always a solution. One of the cases is teen depression.

Understanding Teen depression and how to handle it

According to, the teenage period is a tough one especially being mood less every now and then.  But if such situations keep on repeating, it might not be normal but what is known as teen depression. Teen depression is a severe condition that can affect the way of thinking and doing things. Causes of teen depression can be linked to peer pressure, pressure from school, and social life pressure. If you are a parent or a guardian, you feel worried when you see the following symptoms from your teens.

  • Abrupt weight gain or weight loss
  • Always feeling sad, angry, or irritable
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Frequent headaches or physical pains
  • They are ever crying on even small issues.
  • Use of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Poor concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts

How to handle suicidal thoughts

When depression takes you to the extent of wishing for is to die, it is about time to seek help. Although expressing your thoughts in such a situation can be hard, try talking to a person you trust the most. It can be your friend, teacher, or a close relative. However, if you do not have a confidant, approach a stranger and explain your situation or call helpline numbers to get help from professionals.

How to handle bullies

Bullying can happen in school, homestead, or even on online platforms. Such instances causes stress in teens which results in depression. The solution to handle bullies is to stay brave and understand that you never did anything wrong. It will clear your conscience and feel safe. You can as well talk to a close confidant about the matter and you will be given adequate advice.

Avoid staying alone

When feeling depressed, avoid instances where you are all by yourself. Self-isolation increases the rate of depression. As much as you want to be alone, try not to. Instead, force yourself to stay in touch with friends and relatives who are active in a positive way. If you can’t socialize, engage in busy activities that will keep your brain working and occupied. You can do sports, walk around, or if you love cooking, you engage in such activities as long as your mind is occupied.

If you fail to take precaution against teen depression, you risk experiencing chronic illness, poor eating pattern, anxiety, and mental problems.


Depression is a monster affecting many people despite their age. However, the most affected are teenagers because of the changes they experience every other day. Different factors can cause depression. The only solution is knowing how to handle every problematic situation when depression knocks. There are many ways to fight depression, but whatever situation it may be, always make efforts to talk to someone you trust.

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