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A beautiful skin makes us feel much more confident and happy. A healthy skin ultimately means a healthy body.

Who do not wish to have a bright, flawless, spotless skin. Maintaing skin health is really important. It is one of the most sensitive organs
With exposure to pollutions and harmful chemicals one must end up loosing the gloss and beauty of their skin. we must take care of our skin naturally and make it breathable. now let’s bump onto some points which might help you get the radiance of your skin back within a week.

Benefits of drinking water

Water acts as a magical liquid for our skin. having enough water through out the day will keep your skin fresh and hydrated. It also helps in reducing pigmentation and fine lines.

Your skin has got direct connection with your Digestive track. Water helps in flushing out the toxins and making you skin more healthier than before. It keeps your skin hydrated thus reducing the dryness and cracks in skin

Avoid harsh chemicals -Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Do not wash your face with the bathing soap.

Our facial skin is way more sensitive and soft as compared to skin on other parts. Using harsh chemicals will lead to loss of naturalboil, leaving your skin full and dry.t
Try to use baby soap or mild facewash which has not paraben and mineral oil.

Do not wash your face many times a day

Avoid washing your skin more than three times a day. Washing our face multiple times makes the pores opened up which attracts more dust and pollutant that ultimately cause pimples and acnes. Washing face multiple times a day make it dry and vulnerable to find lines.

Moisturize properly -skin naturally

moisturize cream for dry skin

Your skin needs proper moisturization in order to reduce the damage caused to it.

Moisturize your skin immediately ater washing and pores will absorb the mosturize more easily with even spread out. Moisturize helps your skin look more radiant and healthy. it als reduces the early occuring of wrinkles

exfoliate face naturally- Natural exfoliant for black skin

natural exfoliating glove

Our skin needs to breathe in properly through the pores. Our skin pores gets clogged due to dust and pollution. We need to exfoliate our skin to get rid of dirt  and dead skin that prevents skin from breathing and looking fresh. Exfoliating helps our skin to avoid getting pimple and acne attack(How to get healthy, fair and glowing skin at home)

Steam cleaning -cloth face masks

Having steam after scrubbing or even without scrubbing will help you have soft, bright and tender skin.
Stea helps in unclogging the pores and removing tanning. All you need to do is boil the water and take the steam coming out of it at your face. You can even leave vitamin E oil in the oil.

Diet for glowing skin

Fruits rich in Vitamin C and fibre are good source of antioxidants. Vitamin C is actually good gor skin and glow. Having diet rich in Vitamin C, E and fibre is good for your skin. One must include oranges, lemon, almonds, papaya, mint etc to their diet for healthy and glowing skin.

Best time to sleep, according to science

Sound sleep is very important for our overall health. Having good sleep from 6-8 hours daily will help us improve our digestion and mental health which will ultimately reflect in our skin health. Good and sufficient sleep helps us to avoid breakouts and dry skin issues.

How to improve digestion naturally

Our skin is proportional to our gut health. For healthy and glowy skin we must focus on our digestive track.
This can be done by multiple ways like eating roughage, taking diet foods that prevents bloating. You can check your beneficiary method according to your body type.

Night routine for healthy skin

Never forget to clean or wash out your face before going to bed. Never sleep with dirt, makeup on your. Our skin  and body repairs itself at the time we sleep. (How to get healthy fair and glowing skin at home)

Hence going to bed with clean face will help skin to rejuvenate, You can also enjoy a nice shower at the day end if your health an body allows it.

Ice on Face: Benefits of Ice Facials – Lately, all beauty experts can talk

Woah! This is an ultimate Korean hack for nice skin. Here we use different methods to relax and sooth our facial muscles that helps in getting healthy and glowy skin. One way is to take a bowl, Huge enough to dip you face. Fill this bowl with icy water and cubes and dip your face for few seconds in this water repeat this few times everyday.

(How to get healthy fair and glowing skin at home)
Another method is to refrigerate a spoon or face massager or roller overnight and use it in the morning to massage your face.

This will calm down your nerves, blemishes and puffiness, Ice acts in a great way to inimize the open pores further beducing the aging.

Every skin tone is beautiful but we need to keep care our skin to avoid any infection, blemishes and look fresh to feel fresh. Enjoy your journey to healthy skin !

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