Dear friends, you know Indian income tax very strict and focus on black money and extra, now we need to file income tax returns with easy way..

this the best software for income tax,

Hope you and your family members are safe and healthy.

We are writing to inform you that the deadline to generate your TDS certificate for FY 19-20 is August 15, 2020. With ClearTDS, you can create the PDF version of your Form 16 and 16 A much faster. So, don’t miss out! Start generating your certificates now.

And, that’s not all! With our free software, you can create error-free FVU files for original and corrected returns effortlessly. Click on the link below to use this service.

Click Here

Here’s what makes ClearTDS India’s go-to solution to generate Form 16s and to prepare TDS returns:

  • Generate CONSO files, justification report and certificates directly through ClearTDS
  • Generate and customize Form 16 in PDF format for all your deductees
  • Create FVU files through ClearTDS
  • Advanced validations and check for potential notices before filing
  • Single-click PAN validation and challan verification from Oltas

What’s more? We also have a Cleartax TIN-FC through which you can file your FUVs at a nominal cost. To know more, write to us at or call us at 080-67458727

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