Now the big name of SOONA, The model focused on staging shoots that can deliver videos and photos in 24 hours or less.(content needs of the e-commerce)


The startup is still operating studios in Austin, and more,. The co-founder and CEO Liz Giorgi told me that during the pandemic,

the best part is in this pandemic , SOONA now fully virtual and remote model, also like the products of soona

In some cases, the studio is not even necessary , as per Giorgi said that 30% to 40% of Soona’s photographers and crew members are working from home.

best is SOONA’s more than 4500* satisfied customers that’s the reason revenue is more than 400% increased in last FY.

The fast casual content experience. book now and join your virtual shoot

price is as per twitter: $39 photos, $93 video clips, #shotatsoona– content needs of the e-commerce

two-toned backdrops are always Fire TRENDING Fire
if you know anything about soona then you know we Clapping hands signlove Clapping hands signcolor Clapping hands signthe more color the better!
here are 5 great ways to utilize a two-toned backdrop for your next soona shoot!

visit : SOONA.CO

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get inspired

look at the beautiful photos & videos we’ve created together with our clients. always delivered fresh in 24 hours.

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